3 Dec 2008

Scholarpedia open access scholarship

Welcome to Scholarpedia, the peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written by scholars from all around the world.

Scholarpedia feels and looks like Wikipedia -- the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Indeed, both are powered by the same program -- MediaWiki. Both allow visitors to review and modify articles simply by clicking on the edit this article link.

However, Scholarpedia differs from Wikipedia in some very important ways:

  • Each article is written by an expert (elected by the public or invited by Scholarpedia editors).
  • Each article is anonymously peer reviewed to ensure accurate and reliable information.
  • Each article has a curator -- typically its author -- who is responsible for its content.
  • Any modification of the article needs to be approved by the curator before it appears in the final, approved version.

Herein also lies the greatest difference between Scholarpedia and traditional print media: although the initial authorship and review are similar to a print journal so that Scholarpedia articles could be cited, articles are not frozen and outdated, but dynamic, subject to an ongoing process of improvement moderated by their curators. This allows Scholarpedia to be up-to-date, yet maintain the highest quality of content.

The approach of Scholarpedia does not compete with, but rather complements, that of Wikipedia: instead of covering a broad range of topics, Scholarpedia covers a few narrow fields, but does that exhaustively.

Currently, Scholarpedia hosts Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience, Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems, Encyclopedia of Computational Intelligence, and Encyclopedia of Astrophysics. There has also been added the Encyclopedia of Cognitive Neuroscience.

22 Nov 2008

Compassion and Choices

Compassion & Choices is a nonprofit organization working to improve care and expand choice at the end of life. As a national organization with over 60 local groups, affiliates and chapters, and 30,000 members, we help patients and their loved ones face the end of life with calming facts and choices of action during a difficult time. We also aggressively pursue legal reform to promote pain care, put teeth in advance directives and legalize physician aid in dying.

1 Nov 2008

News and Resources

News and Articles

Internationalists Calling for ‘Bretton Woods II’. Key meeting on 15 November 2008

The Semiotic Deception of September 11th

The Sudden & Convenient Death of Joerg Haider


Illuminati Conspiracy Archives News and articles on the encroaching NWO.

American Free Press. Describes itself as America's last Real Newspaper.

1971 HIV-AIDS US Special Virus Program. Proof that HIV was manufactured.

The Origin of AIDS. Interesting articles on the discoveries that HIV was developed from hepatitis B experiments. The most compelling evidence is that the "vaccines" distributed in Africa and to New York gays matches exactly the locations where HIV was first discovered.

Predictive Programming in Movies. Interesting collection of essays on how many sci-fi and futurist movies are used to psychologically program the populationto appropriate reactions to future real world events.

Overcoming Fear

Creating a new blog is a transformational process. The very act of posting, whether news links, resources or editorial, leads to a process of selection but also creates conceptual links between what otherwise would seem random disconnected pieces of information.

This is not a news agency with the imperative to be first with breaking news. It is not even, as yet, wholly a news aggregator trawling the news feeds for specific topics. The news and resources posts are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather the starting points for further investigations. The thing that is, I think, most important is bringing the whole lot together in the editorials.

There are many websites on conspiracy theories, on the covert controls that are slowly but surely taking over the whole planet, on political, religious and military enslavement of bodies and minds. But is living in a state of informed fear any better than living in ignorant fear? The former lives in fear because of the propaganda, the latter in fear of the creators of the same propaganda. If one is justified and the other manufactured they are still both bad for our health and well-being.

The propaganda machines of this world are huge, well funded and ultimately backed by physical force. You may live in a democracy which makes token nods to freedom, but just try investigating anything in depth and you will soon discover the iron fist within the velvet glove. That is likely to be terminally bad for your health.

Nietzsche wrote that the measure of a human is how much truth they can bear. This may seem like a never-ending task but I don't think Nietzsche was talking about becoming an encyclopedia. He was talking about overcoming one's self, overcoming one's fears and prejudices, un-knotting that tangled mess of beliefs we hold in our minds. Those knots may appear to us to be what is holding us together, what makes us individuals, but they are what binds us to a prison of our own making.

Before seeking to right the wrongs in the world, it is worth becoming truly independent. Then, if it still seems like a good idea, you can change the world without fear being the driving force. Before I am misunderstood, this is not a plea for pacifism but rather a call to be stronger than the prison guards.

31 Oct 2008

News and Resources


The Vatican: Guidelines to Stem Sex Abuse by Priests

Illinois: Ex-Priest Guilty of Sex Abuse

Jesuit School Sheltered Molesters, Groups Say

Vatican-Israel Tensions Rise Over Pius. Interesting that even the Vatican should fear repercussions from jewish groups as arguments rage over the potential beautification of Pius XII.

Exploring Religion, Shaped by the Enlightenment


Bishop Accountability
. Documenting the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church.

28 Oct 2008

News and Resources



Fact Sheet on U.S. "Constitution Free Zone"

CFI Issues Statement on Religious Discrimination Exemption.


American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, Because Freedom Can't Protect Itself.

Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) encourages the critical investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims from a responsible, scientific point of view and disseminates factual information about the results of such inquiries to the scientific community and the public.

Center For Inquiry. We are here to promote the scientific outlook, to expand the methods and values of science into all areas of human endeavor.

27 Oct 2008

News and Resources


More Needy Are Turning To Clergy for Funds, Faith
Time for churches to give back the money that parishioners previously donated.

Crystal Cathedral's Hour of Power Unplugs Son
The politics of prayer meets family values.

5 Myths About Values Voters

Obama Tax Calculator at TaxCutFacts.org Launched

Is Google Making Us Stupid?


Annenberg Political Fact Check. A website dedicated to righting the wrongs and straightening the spins of politicians. From the Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania.

The Atlantic. Think Again.

15 Oct 2008

News and Resources

Recent News

Not so fast, Christian soldiers. The Pentagon has a disturbing relationship with private evangelical groups.

Pentagon Sued Over Mandatory Christianity.

Apparently, terrorism pays. It pays very well.


Newsmeat - American Campaign Donor and Political Contributions Search Engine.

Military Religious Freedom Foundation (USA)

14 Oct 2008

News and Resources

Recent News

Pope creates 4 new saints, including Indian woman

Weak dollar sends Vatican into the red

How tall is God?

Maybe We Should Blame God for the Subprime Mess Prosperity Gospel didn't preach sermons about bankruptcy.

US Bank Failures Sit at 13 and Counting A fairly level-headed view of the current crisis and highlights the extraordinary powers the Fed is accumulating for itself. Yesterday's nearly 1,000 point rally in the Dow seems to have financed by selling off commodities. Because of the amount of wealth destruction there also seems to be a shortage of working dollars. I think the next leg down will be when the US Dollar finally gets seriously hit, with possibly the Euro and Sterling dragged down.

London's Gathering Storm

Angry about economy? Smash some plates and move on

Will Europe's Bank Bailout Plan Really Work? Nationalisation of banks is nothing new but means taxpayers will now be backing the liabilities.

Britain Sets Details of Huge Bank-Bailout Plan The only thing here that will help the average person is that the Treasury can now set the rules for these banks to renegotiate mortgages.

US to Pump $250 billion into Banks

The Financial Crisis: What Would the Talmud Do?


The Federal Reserve Discount Window & Payments System Risk Website. You can find Federal Reserve interest rates, including the Discount or Primary and Secondary lending Rate, Seasonal lending Rate and the Federal Funds Target on this website. Documentation for setting up borrowing arrangements with the Federal Reserve Bank in your district is also included on this page.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) is a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and the public and private sectors. Established in 2003 to protect the nation's Internet infrastructure, US-CERT coordinates defense against and responses to cyber attacks across the nation.

Recent saints and blessed created by the Catholic Church. Vatican website.

Dominus Iesus. Controversial piece of Catholic dogma that also highlighted what they really think of other religions, citing non-Christians as "seriously deficient" and even Christian non-Catholics as defects compared to the purity of the Vatican's metaphysical fantasy.

Ketupa.net The 680-plus pages currently provide a short history, an annotated bibliography, a description of major holdings and a detailed chronology for around 450 media groups. Those groups include broadcasters, newspaper and magazine publishers, recording companies, film/video producers and distributers, and academic/technical publishers. There are also profiles about the ten largest global advertising groups, along with information about investment funds with substantial media interests. There is a broader timeline covering media activity since 1712.

British Bankers' Association. How LIBOR interest rates are fixed every business day.

More news and resources links may follow throughout the day.

12 Oct 2008


I have swapped around the focus of this blog, Aakom, and my other one Asylum Joy.

I have rather neglected Aakom, but back now!

Will fill in this introduction later...


This blog is dedicated to spinning the news through my own personal distorting lens. With the slow death of broadcast media there is actually more news out there rather than less. Actually, all that is happening is that people have access to a stream of consciousness news services previously only accessible to the news outlets. Those established media companies would select, package and spin the raw news for public consumption, thereby creating a world through their own distorting lens. Now, anybody can do so.

I am not a robot - at least I haven't been programmed to believe so. The news items selected will likely be random and there will be things I miss out. Anybody who feels the need to educate myself and any readers is most welcome to leave a comment highlighting any omissions. There will, however, be themes emerging. I will leave it to the future to see if these change or metamorphose into something else. But at the start the real focus is on news that distorts reality. News that is designed and disseminated as very thinly veiled propaganda, usually in the fields of politics, economics, science and religion. Other items are there simply as convenient targets for some sarcastic comments - I make no apologies for them as humour is important, even if dark and mirthless.

The truth may be out there, but it will probably get you killed. The point is to perceive the outline and to smell the systems of control being slowly put into place for our protection. History may well see this period of relative freedoms, relative democracies, relative prosperity and education as a mere interregnum between monarchies, dictatorships and corporate collectivism. A world of ideological patsies and imaginary threats seems designed to put us all back in our place. However, the sheer chaos of this moment also gives rise to oases of peace and reflection. They too may be temporary but best to take advantage of their existence.

You will also find articles and news at Asylum Joy. I'm not yet clear on the distinction between Aakom and Asylum Joy; most probably they will grow up to be exoteric and esoteric twins. Every journey requires a faltering first step.

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