22 Sept 2013

Aakom rebooted

A quick glance at the dates on this blog's posts will reveal that it has been idle for about 3 years. During that time, I've been teaching and, most recently, have been ill. To paraphrase Iain Banks, I am unofficially (as few care) rather poorly. But this enforced physical idleness has rekindled interest in some of my blogs that have been languishing in cyber-storage: Aakom is one such blog.

I am doing some metaphorical spring cleaning: rearranging the furniture and putting up some new pictures. But it is a tedious task so, as it will never look perfect, I will welcome in the new before having fully dusted down the old. If you see some cosmetic changes then... thanks for looking. Some of the posts link to other blog platforms and collectives. As I re-read those articles, I shall decide whether to rewrite some of them or repost them in full on Aakom.

However, the aims of Aakom remain unchanged and are encompassed by the blog's subtitle: Neuroscience and Enlightenment. This is not wholly about chasing the mirage of some grand enlightenment, as if knowing exactly what that feels like, but rather about those insights that illuminate the way towards a deeper understanding of ourselves. Such perennial philosophies are finally being investigated by the natural sciences and a new-found resonance between the esoteric sciences and the neurosciences is taking place. Although some of the articles and references may seem rather technical, I feel it is important that practical solutions and personal insights be based upon evidence that is as reliable as possible; be it from this year's journals or an ancient treatise. One thing I do try to keep in mind is that research on the mind should ultimately help us equip our own internal laboratory - for all the information out there, the work takes place inside.

Take a seat, and have a browse...

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