12 Oct 2008


I have swapped around the focus of this blog, Aakom, and my other one Asylum Joy.

I have rather neglected Aakom, but back now!

Will fill in this introduction later...


This blog is dedicated to spinning the news through my own personal distorting lens. With the slow death of broadcast media there is actually more news out there rather than less. Actually, all that is happening is that people have access to a stream of consciousness news services previously only accessible to the news outlets. Those established media companies would select, package and spin the raw news for public consumption, thereby creating a world through their own distorting lens. Now, anybody can do so.

I am not a robot - at least I haven't been programmed to believe so. The news items selected will likely be random and there will be things I miss out. Anybody who feels the need to educate myself and any readers is most welcome to leave a comment highlighting any omissions. There will, however, be themes emerging. I will leave it to the future to see if these change or metamorphose into something else. But at the start the real focus is on news that distorts reality. News that is designed and disseminated as very thinly veiled propaganda, usually in the fields of politics, economics, science and religion. Other items are there simply as convenient targets for some sarcastic comments - I make no apologies for them as humour is important, even if dark and mirthless.

The truth may be out there, but it will probably get you killed. The point is to perceive the outline and to smell the systems of control being slowly put into place for our protection. History may well see this period of relative freedoms, relative democracies, relative prosperity and education as a mere interregnum between monarchies, dictatorships and corporate collectivism. A world of ideological patsies and imaginary threats seems designed to put us all back in our place. However, the sheer chaos of this moment also gives rise to oases of peace and reflection. They too may be temporary but best to take advantage of their existence.

You will also find articles and news at Asylum Joy. I'm not yet clear on the distinction between Aakom and Asylum Joy; most probably they will grow up to be exoteric and esoteric twins. Every journey requires a faltering first step.


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