3 Jun 2009

Test Your Psychic Skills With Twitter Experiment

Richard Wiseman describes himself on his Twitter Bio as "Psychologist, author and magician." He is also a professor at the University of Hertfordshire and this week, in collaboration with New Scientist, he is conducting an experiment into remote viewing using Twitter as a communication medium.

The idea is that every day this week at 3pm Professor Wiseman will travel to a secret location in the UK and he wants people to try and remote view where he is. He will later post five images online, one of which is the real location, and again see whether the collective wisdom of the participants can sense the true location.

There is still time to participate; even if you're not in the UK that shouldn't affect your psychic abilities.

Wiseman is following in the footsteps of the American and Russian secret services who invested significant resources on psychic spying techniques including remote viewing. But unlike the CIA's Stargate Project, Wiseman is looking for collective effects rather than individually gifted remote viewers. We shall soon see what the results are.



The results of the remote viewing experiment on Twitter have now been published... well, sort of. Wiseman hasn't, as yet, posted any proper data but just his conclusions: "... the study didn’t support the existence of remote viewing, and suggested that those who believe in the paranormal are good at finding illusory correspondences between their thoughts and a target."

Unsurprising, perhaps, and even when analysing the sub-group that claimed psychic abilities he found no evidence of this. You can read the short report and the comments at Wiseman's blog.

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